We are committed to:

  • Serving God’s glory
  • Going with the gospel to the lost
  • Making fruitful disciples
  • Bringing compassionate transformation
  • Building a multicultural family
  • Developing ourselves as an apostolic (giving, sending) church.

Our Heart…

We’re a family church with a heart for the people of Durham and its surrounding communities. We are passionate about sharing life together as the family of God. We believe that everyone has a part to play in sharing the good news about Jesus.


…is for…

We are a people who strongly believe that God speaks and is interested in every part of our lives. He wants to impact our families, workplaces, colleges, neighbourhoods and situations. Our heart as a Church is to serve and work together with others to change and impact the world around us.

…God and People

Our heart is to be a people who reflect and demonstrate God’s character and love. We desire to apply His word to our lives on a daily basis. We want it to change us so that we become more like Jesus.