Our Journey

We are a family Church based in Durham.

We gather together on a Sunday in a family home just up from the Hill Colleges on South Road, Durham.

We are part of the ‘Taking Ground Sphere’ of Salt and Light Ministries.

Our journey began in 2007 the first ever ‘Daniel Challenge’ team were sent to explore the city and were asked to write a report that would be given to the Church-plant team. In Summer 2010 the team started to move in. We started with a team of seven people and were greatly encouraged by how God continued to add to us as more and more people decided to move to join our adventure in Durham. At that time we travelled down to Tees Valley Community Church every Sunday to be part of the Church family there and then met on Thursday evenings to pray and seek God for the way forward.

In Summer 2011 we started meeting in Michelangelo’s pizza restaurant in Neville’s Cross. We enjoyed pizza together, watched a short DVD and then had a discussion around the topics covered.

We are currently Gather at Sue and Jeremy’s on a Sunday where we seek to be family share the good news and worship together in a way that is accessible and clear.